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Process to produce safes
Process to produce safes


All the hotel safes are made of solid steel.
At the sheet metal process,

we usually do:

1.Cutthe whole pieces of metal sheet intodifferent sizes of the safe partsthat we need.

out the unnecessary part of the safe parts.

3.Bendthe metal parts to thesafe shape.

the door plate for the holes for fixing screws


At theweld processwe usually do:

1.Weld the sides and top part with the back and base part to form the safe body.

2.Weld the fixing plateto the safe door for electronic lock fix.

3.Weldthe hinges to the safe door to complete the whole door assy.

At the powder coat process, we usually do:

1. Polish the surface of the safe to get rid of unnecessary weld points.

2. Put the safeinto the acid poolsto go throughthe rust-proof treatment.

3. Plaster speical powder on the safe to make the surface smoothand ready for paint.

4. Powder Paint.It will be pre-heated and re-heated to make long lasting of the paint.

At the Assembly process,we usually do:

1. Put the door onthe rightbodyand secure them with hing pins.

2. Fix the Electronic lock, override lock and knob(if any) on to the safe door.

3. Fixthe boltwork, battery compartment & backcoveron the safe door.

4. Adjust door gap if necessary.

5. Try the functionof electroniclock and override lock out.

6.Clean the safeand put in the carpet.

7.Put on the label and logo if any.

8. Putin the accessories and manuals.

9. Packed with foam,bubble bag,outer carton and bend.




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